Automated Breast Ultrasound

Аutomated high-resolution 3D imaging that provides a comprehensive, highly detailed visualization of breast tissue. User-independent, hands-free image acquisition delivers standardized results that improve diagnostic accuracy and quality of care.


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What it is

3D Total Breast Ultrasound combines the power of 2D/3D ultrasound and advanced technologies with automated acquisition and intelligent workflow solutions to create one comprehensive package for ultrasound breast care. At the center is the ACUSON S2000™ Automated Breast Volume Scanner (ABVS), HELX™ Evolution with Touch Control. A comprehensive breast imaging system that provides operator-
independent, standardized 3D imaging, it enables data consistency and generates reproducible results to improve the quality of breast ultrasound care.

How ABU Helps Patients

In North America, 40 percent of women have been diagnosed with dense breasts and about 50 percent of them are under the age of 50. While breast density typically lessens with age, it is still present in 1/3 of women over 50. Overall, these women have a 4-6 times higher risk of breast cancer when compared to those with little or no breast density.
If you’ve been diagnosed with breast density, ask us whether an automated ultrasound could help you to better screen for cancer. The new 15-minute screening could bring the peace of mind of knowing you are currently breast cancer free.

What To Expect


An ultrasound may require you to remove articles of clothing and you may be asked to put on a paper gown. Some jewelery articles may interfere with the test and may have to be removed. Wear loose clothing for most ultrasound types.

Before The Test

You will be asked into the room after changing into a gown or removing clothing from the area being examined. Depending on a test, the technologist may or may not place heart monitoring electrodes on the chest. You may be asked to take up a certain position and stay in that position for the most of the test.

During The Test

A technician would place a lubricating gel onto the area being examined using a device called a transducer to make contact with your skin. For some ultrasound tests the transducer is attached to a probe and inserted into a natural opening in the body.

After The Test

You can remove the ultrasound gel with relative ease and no traces. You may go about your daily activities immediately after the test, unless otherwise advised by our staff. The reports will be produced by the reading physician, and shared with your referring doctor. You may discuss these results with you doctor at a follow up appointment.

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