X-rays are a non-invasive and pain free method of diagnostic imaging that are used to clearly view internal structures of the body. 

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What to expect

No Preparation Is Required.


When going in for your appointment, avoid wearing jewellery or clothing with metallic items including clips, snaps, buttons and zippers. Metal parts interfere and overshadow the X-Rays, which will result in improper imaging.

During The Test

You may be asked to remove articles of clothing and put on a paper gown. During the x-ray you will be asked to remain completely still while the test is being performed. The test itself is quick and usually lasts only a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the number of images required.

After The Test

Once the x-ray is complete you may be asked to remain at the facility in case more images are required. After you leave, you can resume your daily activities.


A radiologist will usually view and interpret the images and then send the report to the requesting doctor. Your doctor should explain and discuss the results with you during your follow up appointment.

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