Ultrasounds are non-invasive and pain-free. This test exposes a specific part of the body to high frequency sound waves that produce real-time images.

At CMA healthcare we strive to deliver the highest quality medical diagnostic results in the most professional and efficient manner. All imaging equipment is digital and falls into the Ministry of Health and long term care standards.

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What To Expect

There are a wide variety of ultrasound tests with different ways to prepare. Some require you to drink a large amount of water prior to the test, while for others you must not eat or drink for a certain number of hours before the test. Depending on your test, you may require no preparation at all.

Preparations And Instructions

This instructions are IMPORTANT. Please follow them.

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No eating, drinking, smoking or chewing gum 8 hours prior to the appointment.

Drink 34 oz or 1 litre of water 1 hour prior to the appointment. Do not go to the washroom.
  • A Fleet Enema or Glycerin Suppository 2 hours before exam.
  • Drink 20oz of water 1 prior to exam.
No Preparation.

An ultrasound may require you to remove articles of clothing and you may be asked to put on a paper gown. Some jewelry articles may interfere with the test and may have to be removed. Loose clothing is required for most ultrasound types.

Before The Test

You will be asked into the room after changing into a gown or removing clothing from the area being examined. You may be asked to take up a certain position and stay in that position for the most of the test.

During The Test 

A technician would place a lubricating gel onto the area being examined to ensure a device called a transducer makes contact with your skin. For some ultrasound tests (transvaginal and transrectal), the probe is inserted into a natural opening in the body. Most other ultrasound tests are done on the skin surface.

After The Test

You can remove the ultrasound gel with relative ease and no traces. You may go about your daily activities immediately after the test unless otherwise advised by our staff. The reports will be produced by the reading physician and shared with your referring doctor. You may discuss these results with your doctor at a follow-up appointment.